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Join Me in Helping The Inner City Youth!

Join me and help make a difference...for the children!

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Hello! I am working towards my goal in becoming an activist/humanitarian, and this is my first step. I would love for you to be a part of the experience.

As a black woman who has been raised in the inner city, I know by experience that the youth does not have many outlets for ways to express get their deep, suppressed feelings out from within. Also, to learn about their people and culture.

I would love for music classes to come back into some of the schools. I was blessed to have piano classes, choir and music history. It is unfortunate that some of our children are not exposed to the many genres of music, styles of writing, etc. They are being put in boxes, and I would love for their fast developing minds to be exposed to so much more.

There are many black children who do not know about their roots, because the schools are not educating them about how strong and power our ancestors are, and how far we have come!

I would love to see schools with groups of inner city children, visiting the new African American museum in Washington DC. Hopefully even creating a class specifically for Black History. They should not have to wait for February to have projects and assembly's to express and show their love for their people. This should be YEAR ROUND.

Join me in supporting change in the world. Let's make a difference for us, and for our children and generations to come!

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for Sister Cities International. Let's pave a way for the youth